partners with XML Sports Feeds

Here at, we bring to our users all of the latest updates on player injuries and suspensions. We take pride in showcasing to our users, team news on all of their favorite football competitions and clubs. That is why we only partner with the best football data provider, and we are a proud subscriber of XML Sports Feeds sports data.

XML Sports Feeds has some of the most reliable, accurate, and fast pre-match football data with their new and improved XML and JSON API. They have a very unique product portfolio compared to the typical sports data service that provides the usual live score feeds and fixtures. They provide Team News feeds, Line-ups feeds, and Transfers feeds, and they are certainly a trusted provider when it comes to soccer sports data.

The guys from XML Sports Feeds monitors and update all live football player injuries whether it’s a knock or a long term injury. They provide all the important details such as inury type, date, status, and expected return information. Then the suspensions data are also complete with details such as suspension charge, date, and matches banned. But the best thing about their data is that it is updated 24/7! has seen significant increase in traffic ever since the partnership with XML Sports Feeds pre-match football data. It is also great that they have a very accommodating sales team and support team who guided us during the integration, and whenever we have any inquiries about the team news feeds.

The partnership between and XML Sports Feeds will surely be a solid one for years to come as Football Injuries look to further build our content with more of XML Sports Feeds pre-match football data in the very near future. So stay tuned in our news feeds for more updates.